About the Artist: Dixon Patten

Created by graphic artist Dixon Patten, under his company Bayila Creative, both the INDIGINERD logo and the Indigenous Comic Con graphic were designed to symbolise community, storytelling and the platform of that pop culture has in our community.

Dixon always takes great care and consideration when creating artwork for you, his understanding of symbolism and space is something that I really like about his work. Understandably, what I asked for was something very different from what he may have usually been asked of, but Dixon ensured that we had regular communication so he could understand the meaning of the artwork and the importance that I hold with it.


Over his graphic artist journey Dixon has developed a number of work to encapsulate the journey of community and our relationship to the environment, emphasised by his use of vivid colours. Dixon has a portfolio with varying clients including governmental illustrations, private industries and other businesses, but Dixon has always prioritised community organisations and businesses where possible, which sets him apart from many other graphic artists.

INDIGINERD is extremely proud to have had Dixon Patten and Bayila Creative design our logo and hope that we can work together again!