Hi all! and welcome to INDIGINERD!

My name is Cienan Muir, a Yorta Yorta & Ngarrindjeri man, so my family is spread all along the Murray river, all along to the Coorong in South Australia. I grew up in country Victoria and Northcote in Melbourne. I love my comicbooks and coffee!

INDIGINERD is our platform promoting the pure deadliness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander creativity, giving a space to Indigenous creativity doing amazing stuff in the pop culture world and showing the artistry of Indigenous minds, and how these inspire an innovative environment.

The INDIGINERD brand and events are open to absolutely everybody within our community! We welcome our non-Indigenous allies to show their support to Indigenous creativity by wearing our logo proudly.
The INDIGINERD logo stands up as a symbol for inclusivity, love and respect, acknowledging our diverse community by choosing to put safe spaces first for our community of passions. In providing a safe space for Indigenous creativity, we provide a platform for diverse thinking, perspectives informed by thousands of years and a cross over of culture and creativity.


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Can I wear this if I'm not Aboriginal?


Check out this deadly Instagram page that explains it much better than me!

The INDIGINERD brand is an Aboriginal owned and operated business, focusing on Indigenous content creation in the pop culture industry.

The INDIGINERD brand is built on an environment of inclusiveness, love and respect.