The rise of BLAK horror & Sci-Fi

Lovecraft Country by the incredible Misha Green, and supported by Jordan Peele, is the best thing on television at the moment, in my opinion. Right from the outset the narrative is set as in science fiction universe - where the supernatural is natural, but racism

the BLAK superhero

Since its creation in the 60's the comicbook known as 'Xmen' grew as an iconic medium for reflecting on the history of civil rights and the tensions that come with debating race, religion, gender, sexuality and many more topics of the human social fabric. In saying

Wakanda Forever

The second time I saw Black Panther was at the cinemas, alone. I did this as I wanted to fully immerse myself into the Afro-Futursistic setting of Wakanda and the Afro-Centric storytelling of Ryan Coogler. As I waiting in line to pick up my exclusive

No Shame here

COSPLAY - The practice of dressing up as a character from film, book or video game. I started cosplaying roughly 8 years ago, I remember that this was such a huge step for me personally, and my nerves rendered me subdued to my surroundings. Growing up,

Jump in, and don’t look back (2)

I learnt very quickly that I could not deliver IndigiCon on my passion alone, although that passion was the stubborn encouragement I needed. I was out of my depths! I've never really been in this world before, a world of organising conventions - made up

Jump right in, and don’t look back!

Delivering the first ever Indigenous Comic Con (IndigiCon) was no small feat! Matter of fact, delivering the first anything is no small feat! It took a lot of time and energy in getting in right, but I was lucky enough to have some amazing support

About the Artist: Dixon Patten

Created by graphic artist Dixon Patten, under his company Bayila Creative, both the INDIGINERD logo and the Indigenous Comic Con graphic were designed to symbolise community, storytelling and the platform of that pop culture has in our community. Dixon always takes great care and consideration when

Phoebe Watson: How I Found Pride With My Culture Through Games.

Throughout my whole life growing up, I was always blessed to have my father teach me about my culture. He told me stories, taught me language and we participated in cultural dance together. Of all these things I enjoyed dancing the most. Although I had

Erika Reid: My wrestling. My culture.

My Name is Erika Reid, AKA “The Dreamtime Voodoo Witch”. I am a pro wrestler. I have been training and wrestling for the past four years across the country. I have wrestled across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia, sharing my culture and passion