I remember sitting in my year 12 Chemistry class, the motion of keeping an objective perspective in experiments, learning of the explanation of life itself, the molecular make-up of humans, stars, and everything around us. A sense of wonder, turning to obsession, then being exposed to

WINNER – Cosplay Best in Show – Choctaw Queen Amidala

I’m Laura Huskey, I’m a 23 year old Choctaw citizen with Cherokee Shawnee descent. I’m a digital artist, but recently picked up sewing in the last year so that I could make skirts for my sisters and make my own regalia. My cosplay is a

Here’s my top 3 reasons I fking love ECHO!

Marvel's ECHO brings together many pieces of a puzzle, blending together the pop-culture of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Indigenous culture and representation of the Choctaw Nation and Native American community. For myself as an Indiginerd, I found it difficult to agree on how I

THANKSGIVING by Phoebe Watson

In 2007 Eli Roth teased audiences with a film short in the style of a parody movie trailer for a horror comedy surrounding the American Holiday of Thanksgiving. Now, 16 years later, his full length feature film delivers a thrilling slasher. Roth sets the tone for

The Nun 2 by Erika Reid

Yaama! I was invited down to the Jam Factory by Indiginerd to watch The NUN 2, needless to say, it was pretty deadly. The night started off by being greeted by a Priest with some rosemary beads inviting my best friend and I in, we walked

Asteroid City

It's not how many people view the world, it's a world where gradient matters, cinematography matters and the driest of humour is a cornerstone of any everyday conversation, yes that's right, it's Wes Andersons world. Surrounded by a star studded cast including Bryan Cranston, Scarlett Johansson,

Gran Turismo

Inspired by a true story, Gran Turismo follows our main character Jann Mardenborough, played by Archie Madekwe, a teen growing up in the football (soccer) obsessed family in England. Like any other kid at his age, video games played a role in his life and

Indiana Jones & The Dial of Destiny

That archeologist is back for a new adventure, the icon that is Indiana Jones follows what seems like the unbreakable formula of Indiana films past, now designed to stir up nostalgia and the comforting feeling of your young adventures to the cinemas seeing your hero

Spiderman – Across the Spiderverse: Part 1

What would happen if you met you in another universe, but because of one small decision made their life turned out lightyears different than yours. Now imagine if you met 100 versions of you, they all acted like you, grew up in the same neighborhood

Guardians of the Galaxy VOL3.

For many MCU fans across the world, the Guardians of the Galaxy were an unknown and risky move by Marvel to introduce this new team of degenerates into Cinematic history. 9 years after our initial awkward introductions, these Guardians were fondly placed in our hearts