I remember sitting in my year 12 Chemistry class, the motion of keeping an objective perspective in experiments, learning of the explanation of life itself, the molecular make-up of humans, stars, and everything around us.
A sense of wonder, turning to obsession, then being exposed to the world of the theoretical, a new level of obsession and scientific understanding of the possibility, the potential and the multidimensional chance of a theoretical occupation filling the space and time unseen to our world.

Christopher Nolans Oppenheimer walks the line of remarking on historical fact and the classic film nostalgia keeping audiences curious and intrigued, the story is well told with great camera work, lighting and costumes, but it truly is the talented cast of absolute heavy hitters which bring this story to it life, demonstrating the pure talent, almost effortlessly, by the very best of actors from than and now. Cillian Murphy is inspiring as the main character for which the movie title is named after, his command of the the camera and his use of emotion leaves the audience glued to the screen, his small character tweaks providing a more in-depth appreciation of his character.
Joined by the likes of Robert Downey Jr., Florence Pugh, Rami Malek, Tom Conti and Gary Oldman, Oppenheimer has an all-star cast portraying some of the great science minds in history!

In typical Nolan fashion, his masterful use of the IMAX technology is a feast for the eyes, which together with his understanding of what would make audiences viewing electric, really does produce a film which is one for the ages. I cannot fault this film and I will most likely be viewing it again.