Indigenous Comic Con 2019 (Australia)
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2019 Indigenous Comic Con (Australia)
make sure to give him a follow: @nvcosplay_ogn
Cosplayer: Owldamone
Over a weekend in November 2019 INDIGINERD played host to the first ever Indigenous Comic Con to come to Australia!
Comprised of several spaces including:
  • Cosplay & main stage
  • Gaming and anime stage
  • main floor
  • live music stage
  • comicbook reading zone
  • ticketing directory
These platforms provided a space for Indigenous creativity to be shown and pop culture passion to be expressed in a safe space. We saw 1500 attendees, had roughly 20 – 30 volunteers and approx. 15 stalls on our main floor.
I really just want to thank everyone for coming along, supporting this event and creating such a safe and inclusive environment.
Cosplayer: Blackjackk cosplay

There’s a few people I want to thank for helping me deliver such a successful event!

First and foremost, my team

Jacinta Keefe: Official Photographer
Heidi Brooks: Cosplay coordinator
Sarah Bramble: Volunteers coordinator
Kimmie Lovegrove: Communications
Phoebe Watson: Gaming Zone





I’d also like to give a shout out to

Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre
 Dr. Lee Francis
 Songlines Music Aboriginal Corporation
 Multicultural Arts Victoria.

The 2019 Indigenous Comic Con in Australia meant many things to many people. It is a platform for the realization of Indigenous creativity to be seen, a safe space for culture to be celebrated and, most importantly, a place to celebrate our passion for the pop culture.

But IndigiCon is just one platform, here are some examples what Indigenous representation is going on in the pop culture industry: