Spiderman – Across the Spiderverse: Part 1

What would happen if you met you in another universe, but because of one small decision made their life turned out lightyears different than yours. Now imagine if you met 100 versions of you, they all acted like you, grew up in the same neighborhood as you and fell in love with the same person as you, but obviously THAT persons other version!
Would you question your reality? your decisions? your autonomy?

Spiderman: Across the Spiderverse is just that. Miles Morales swings across the Spiderverse (a Spiderman themed Multiverse)and exposed to the many, many versions of well…Spiderman.
Joined by The Spot, a villain who resembles that of a Dalmatian dog, with the exception that each spot is an interdimensional gateway with the exit being anywhere he might like it to be. Laughed at for once being a D-List villain, The Spot is now one of the powerful villains of Spiderman, even joining the Sinister Six.

Joining an already spectacular cast we also have Daniel Kaluuya, Oscar Isaac, Jason Schwartzman and Issa Rae swing by for the ride.
Filled with easter eggs, fan service and cool cameos, it is said that the film has roughly 280 Spider-people in this film with 95 of this having a voice actor attached!
The films narrative is solid and the artwork which make it up is visually amazing, providing a range of artwork styles to each Spiderman giving them yet another dimension to each personality on screen.

This is a fun film, visually stunning and provides some great representation to the diversity of the Spiderverse and illustrates it’s place in this century as an inclusive and embracing film, illustrating that diversity across culture, religion, sexuality and ideology.
I hope this inspires and strengthens!