Guardians of the Galaxy VOL3.

For many MCU fans across the world, the Guardians of the Galaxy were an unknown and risky move by Marvel to introduce this new team of degenerates into Cinematic history. 9 years after our initial awkward introductions, these Guardians were fondly placed in our hearts as the empathetic group pulling at our heart strings, but were audiences ready for what Director, James Gunn would deliver us before shipping off to the Universe of DC?

It’s been 3 weeks since VOL 3. had been released, at the time of writing this, and we’ve been given time to heal… well almost…some of us. Accompanied by a brilliant soundtrack (which seems to be a labelled James Gunn has come to be known for), the story this time round is focused squarely on Rocket, with Quill mourning a love lost, Mantis gaining a brother in Starlord, Drax learning his humanity and Groot entering the later stages of teen-hood, we wonder the streets of their new home Knowhere. Big Bad, played by the amazing Chukwudi Iwuji, The High Evolutionary a self confessed God, always pushing genetic evolution to create the next near perfect organism. He does this (And Trigger Warning here) on animals primarily, also experimenting on humans on the rarity. While I do understand the strive for Marvel to make an impact on screen, films which show any sort of animal cruelty or trauma of hospital settings such as needles being used and blood, should automatically come with a Trigger Warning, weather digitally produced or not.

Through what seems like the quintessential Guardians-esque , we see the Guardians live up to their hero status and somewhat stumble into good luck or having to fight their way out. Filled with comedy, joined in by the stand up of Adam Warlock played by Will Poulter and the driest of British type humor, the film is just a feel-good movie and a reminder to not be a bad person.