The Nun 2 by Erika Reid

I was invited down to the Jam Factory by Indiginerd to watch The NUN 2, needless to say, it was pretty deadly. The night started off by being greeted by a Priest with some rosemary beads inviting my best friend and I in, we walked in and are greeted by Two staunch masked Nuns, creepily roaming the cinema area, we walk through grab our free popcorn and drinks (thanks guys!) and settle in.
The movie itself was exciting the entire time. I loved the story telling of each characters unique connection to THE NUN. It was shot in a really aesthetically unique way which added to the drama and excitement.
Now, I love horror movies and it’s been a while since I’ve been spooked but The NUN has a great amount of jump scares and I did at one point jump so bad I fly kicked my popcorn!
If you like gore, this might tickle your pickle, the death scenes were gnarly and fun to watch but in my humble opinion I wanted to see more gore, muwhahhaha! The movie overall was awesome and I enjoyed my time at the Jam Factory!
Thank you deadly mob!